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Boyhood Memories of Sydney Kielland


Boyhood Memories of Sydney Kielland

During Sydney Kielland's growing up years, his grandmother, Eliza Ann Phillips, lived with their family in their home near Capitol Hill. Besides his Grandmother Phillips, the family consisted of Sydney, his mother Edith Phillips Kielland, and his father Iver Kielland.

Sydney said of his uncle: " My Uncle Jack was devoted to his mother and would come to see her every day - but always in a different car." When Syd was a young boy, he was fascinated by all these cars and knew all about them. Everyone thought Syd would go into the automotive business like his Uncle Jack but he didn't. When Syd was in the Air Force, he wrote to Uncle Jack who was like a second father to him. They both loved automobiles.

Uncle Jack also included him on outings. One time they were driving up Ogden Canyon for a picnic in a 1925-26 Essex car when going down a mountain road they had a blowout. Uncle Jack couldn't control the car. Little Syd was seated next to him in the front seat and helped pull the wheel so that the car wouldn't go over the cliff. There was no spare tire so Uncle Jack and his young nephew rolled the tire clear back into an Ogden service station then, after it was patched, back up the canyon while the others waited in the car. It took most of the day because nobody offered them a ride as they rolled the tire along the road. Syd remarked: "In those days, nobody picked nobody up." When the tire was back in place, they continued on their way and had their picnic and party.

Another year, Uncle Jack included Syd in a family vacation to the Worlds Fair in San Francisco. There was Uncle Jack, Ethel, Grandma Phillips, Syd, Ray and Ethel's daughter Bev all in one car, an old Olds. They stayed in a motel. Never having been on a beach before and liking the sun, Syd stayed out in it for six hours and was burned to a crisp so that he couldn't walk because of the bad sunburn. So he waited in the car for six hours and thought he would die while the others went to tour old battleships docked at Long Beach long before the war.

After Syd was in the service, he was always working out on the road and had no time for getting together after that.

(From two telephone conversation/interviews with Sydney Kielland on March 27th and March 30th, 1988 with Janet L. Sloan, his cousin Victor Laughlin's daughter)

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